New for 2016: UK uninsured vehicle hotspots revealed

If your vehicle is not recorded on the Motor Insurance Database (MID), which is the only central record of insured vehicles in the UK, the police will stop you at the roadside.

Our latest maps and data reveal the postal districts in the UK where uninsured drivers are most likely to be found.

We show the top 20 hotspots for uninsured driving (with number 1 being the top hotspot for uninsured driving). These are concentrated in the West Midlands, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

You can look at these by clicking on the red multiple hotspots icon which will take you through to the individual hotspot postal districts (shown in green). Click on these to find out the approximate postal district name and police force area.

The downloadable PDF summarises the locations of the top 20 hotspots and estimated numbers of uninsured vehicles in those regions.

Remember, Stay Insured… you can’t afford not to.

Download PDF version of the map.

2013 – 2015 MIB data source