crushed car

Under the new law, if a vehicle does not have insurance and a SORN has not been made, the registered keeper could face:

  • A fixed penalty fine of £100
  • Their vehicle being clamped, seized and disposed of, and
  • A court prosecution with a maximum fine of £1,000

This is in addition to the powers the police already have to seize an uninsured vehicle and fine the driver. When an uninsured driver is caught driving their vehicle, they could face:

  • Their vehicle being seized by police
  • £200 fixed penalty
  • £150 plus car pound fees to recover the car
  • Six penalty points and/or disqualification
  • PLUS proof of valid insurance to have the vehicle returned

If you are uninsured and you injure or kill someone while driving, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is entitled to recover from you any payments it makes to the injured parties as well as any costs incurred. The level of damages paid depends on the nature of the injuries but can reach large sums for the most seriously injured.